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A Cat Bladder Can Become Infected - What Are the Signs and What to Do

A cat bladder is part of the system evolved in expelling urine from your cat's body. If a cat bladder malfunctions or become infected, it usually does so in cadence with your cat's urinary tract which normally becomes infected first. A cat bladder, once infected, has the tendency to develop bladder stones due to the infection. With this in mind, the question is: What are the signs that my cat may have a urinary tract infection that involves my cat's bladder.

Signs of feline Urinary Tract and Bladder Infection:

Your cat, after being litter box trained for a number of years, is avoiding it and urinating in every other area of the house except the litter box. The theory behind this is that your cat is in great pain due to a urinary tract infection and even more pain when urinating.

Your cat associates the painful experience of urinating with her litter box, so she decides to relieve herself elsewhere.

Your cat seems to be grooming her genitals constantly due to the discomfort in that region of her body

You will see your cat straining to urinate only to have a few drops come out while experiencing a lot of pain in the process. You may also hear her wine or whimper because of the pain. Your cat will try to urinate often only to have a few drops come out.

It would not be unusual to see blood appear in the urine.

At this point it is time to take your cat to the vet. If you're vet determines your cat has a bladder infection, you will need to decide on a method of treatment. Most often your vet will treat your cat with antibiotic for 7 to 10 day that usually works effectively although this manner of treatment may carry some dangerous side effects.

Homeopathic vets choose the natural way to treat your cat that has proven to be very effective also with no dangerous side effects associated with this kind of treatment. Both types of treatment will work and in some cases both treatments are used in conjunction with each other.

A cat bladder and a cat urinary tract are sensitive to infection so when you see the signs, take you cat to the vet immediately.

Janet Markowitz has been a German Shepherd Breeder for over 20 years. She has always been interested in using natural and holistic remedies for her Shepherds whenever possible. She has found that by using natural Remedies in conjunction with conventional medicine, she has achieved great success in the health and longevity in her dogs.

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