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How to Control Your Cat Fleas

Fleas are a fact that every pet owner has to deal with, they jump onto your pets and burrow into its fur, they feed on the animal and often lay eggs on the body of the pet, these eggs can then fall from the dog or cat on to your carpets.

The cat fleas are most likely to be the fleas that your pets bring into your home, even the fleas that come in on the back of your dog are likely to be cat fleas, these fleas are parasites that need hosts such as your pets to live, they burrow into the pets fur and bite the cats to feed.

The advantage flea control system is a great way of ensuring that any fleas that have hitched a ride into your home on the back of your dog or cat are killed off, the advantage flea medication infects the fleas that feed on your pets and stops them breading, this breaks the fleas life cycle and will in turn reduce the number of fleas that are in your home.

Borax flea control also known sometimes as borax soap is a way of ridding your carpets of fleas and the flea eggs they lay. You need to mix it with water and wash your carpet, the borax flea control chemicals are toxic and so you need to be careful when and how you use it, avoid using the chemicals if you have young children in the house as they often put their fingers in their mouths after touching the cleaned carpets.

To keep the cat fleas under control and stopping your home becoming infested with fleas you could use a combination of the Advantage flea control system and borax soap, but remember the health risks involved especially for young children.

Fleas are a part of every pet owners life advantage flea control and Borax flea control are two very effective ways of keeping the flea population in your home under control.

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