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Cat Urinary Tract Blockage Symptoms Are Serious

Cat urinary tract blockage occurs more often in male cats mainly because they do not have a wide urethra similar to a female. The female's urethra is comparatively wider than a male cat.

If you notice your cat urinary health is becoming compromised the following symptoms are something you should look for with cat urinary tract blockage; crying in pain to pass the urine because it is very painful. They will squat and strain to pass urine usually with no luck and if they do pass any it will be a minuscule amount. Also, they might try to urinate outside the litter box

If you feel your cat's tummy they may cry out in pain as their abdomen is tender and swollen. They might feel very warm on their head because of a fever. If your cat is acting lethargic and just doesn't seem like their normal self, not eating or playing, take them to the veterinarian. A cat can become very distressed, the bladder will rupture they can die within two days if not capable of passing urine.

There are a couple of causes contributing to cat urinary health. Over feeding a processed dry diet with not enough liquids is the main problem. Make sure they always have plenty of fresh water and a high quality food. Homeopathic pet remedies can help the cat's immune system maintain cat urinary health and help to reduce the chances of cat urinary tract blockage happening in the future, as there seems to be a higher possibility once a cat has had a problem with cat urinary tract blockage.

Discover Natural ways to prevent cat urinary blockage in cats. I have researched the best homeopathic remedies which can prevent and keep your cat healthy.

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