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World's Smallest Kitten - The Teacup Kitten is Tiny

Teacup Kittens are the smallest and cutest in the world and they can come in many different breeds. It is important that when you are shopping for a miniature cat that you do not just look at the weight because many breeders will tell you a runt cat is a teacup but in reality it is just undersized. An average cat will weight about 10-12 pounds and a miniature will be about 3-6 pounds. So make sure that you do not get fooled when looking for this type of cat because there are breeders that will try to pass of a small cat as a miniature.

Most Teacup kittens are made when there is inbreeding with the smaller kittens. By using this method of breeding you create dwarf cats and this is how they become teacup kittens. The persian and the exotic breeds of cat are the most common when it comes to teacup kittens. Primordial dwarves are known as MiniPers and these cats are small but there bodies are proportionate in every way. The MiniPaws have short legs and in many cases they can be deformed because of this. Napoleon is a new teacup bread and they have long beautiful coats and big eyes. They are a mix of a Persian and a Munchkin and are very beautiful.

When looking for this type of cat it is important to now that they are cute and small but they will become cats. With cats they will not act like a kitten forever so make sure that this is the type of cat you would like to own before making the commitment.

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