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Cat Sitting Services - What Do They Provide For Your Cat?

Cat sitting services provide many benefits for people who need to go on vacation or even people who just want to provide love for their cat during the day. Most cat sitting services provide the same basic services, but are able to provide customer specific services concerning your home or cat needs. This article will address the basic and not so basic pet services provided by your local cat sitter.

Most cat sitting services provide the following basic services:

  • Visit your kitten during the day or night
  • Pet your kitty or even do basic grooming
  • Feed your pet and provide fresh water
  • Give your pet medicine or apply topical medications
  • Let your pet out if this is something you normally would do for your cat
  • Play with your kitten
  • Take your pet to the veterinarian
  • Clean the litter box

Some of the other services that a pet sitting service will provide are more specific to taking care of your home during the day or while you are on vacation. Examples of other services are:

  • Bring the mail or newspaper into the house
  • Turn lights on and off to make your home look occupied
  • Water your plants or yard
  • Let repair men in or provide access to your home for others
  • Take care of your other animals, such as your fish.

There are many benefits to using a cat sitting service, and the cost is normally inexpensive. A typical visit for basic services will cost in the range of $17 to $25 dollars. Compared to a veterinarian stay or boarding kennel this is fairly reasonable.

Interested in cat sitting services then visit where you will find a cat sitter in your area and information on what to ask a cat sitter before handing over the keys.

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