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Preventing Feline UTI - Your "I'm Not an Idiot" Guide to Preventing Feline Urinary Tract Infections

A lot of cat owners do not know how to prevent cat urinary tract problems because of a simple reason. They do not know what causes the problem. Really, it is the only reason. As a cat owner, if you knew what could keep your cat healthy and happy, you would do it without thinking twice, right? You need to know what causes the problem and you need to do what it takes to prevent it.

1. A good diet is the most important thing when it comes to preventing feline urinary tract infections. Give strong consideration to feeding your cat raw meat with some natural supplements. Commercial processed pet food is full of carbohydrates, starch, and artificial ingredients that tend to make your cat's urine alkaline, alter its pH levels, and make her immune system weaker. A weaker immune system leads to all kinds of sickness.

2. Help your cat drink water. Dehydration is one of the important reasons behind urinary tract infections. If possible, give her clean, filtered water to drink as tap water is easily contaminated with bacteria that can be harmful to your cat's health.

3. Regular exercise is also an important thing in preventing feline urinary tract infections. Physical exercise keeps your cat both fit and happy. It also relieves stress - which is linked to bladder infections. So, play with your cat as often as you can and engage it in some sort of physical activity to keep it stress free.

4. Make access to the litter boxes easy and free of intruders. This is an important step in preventing feline urinary tract infections. Never confine her to an area that doesn't have a litter box (and fresh water.) Holding urine in for a long time can lead to bladder problems. Go ahead and visit the litter box right now to scrape out the latest deposits. You don't like to visit a full potty either do you?

5. Last but certainly not the least, give your cat a good homeopathic supplement regularly. Herbs like berberis vulgaris, arctostaphylos uva ursi, and staphysagris are extremely effective at treating urinary tract infections and bladder stones as well.

Not only that, they are also capable of strengthening the immune system of your cat and preventing these problems altogether. So, by giving a daily dosage of these herbal remedies, you can keep your cat in good health. Since they are completely natural, you do not have to worry about side effects and other such problems.

Now that you know how to prevent cat urinary tract problems, do what you need to do today. Give your cat the right food, plenty of water, the right medications, and, most importantly, keep her stress free and happy. The results will really surprise you.

Kate Rieger is partnered with the Kentucky SNIP clinic and together they provide affordable spay/neuter services to pet owners. She also shows pet owners how using natural alternatives for pet care can reduce vet bills and keep pets out of the sick room. Visit Kate's site today to find more options for preventing feline urinary tract infections.

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