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Cat Litter Boxes

As the market for pets is expanding, there are more and more choices available for pet owners now, and instead of plain cardboard litter boxes, there are various selections one can choose from for his cat. Litter boxes now range from old dishpans to used cardboards, or some store-stocked expensive products that you may find interesting.

Here are some choices of litter box you may consider:

a) Cardboard boxes. These are easy to obtain, and they're disposable, which is inexpensive and ideal, although not a very reliable long-term solution. Cardboard litter boxes are popular with pet stores, animal shelters and breeders, but perhaps choosing something more lasting and sturdy would be a better idea.

b) Plastic pans. There are a large variety of plastic pans in ranges of shapes and sizes available that will be a better litter box for your cat. These pans are affordable and are easily obtained, as they can be bought in most household supply stores. There are shallow ones or deep ones, depending on your cat's needs. Be certain to choose a pan that scrubs off easily, as plastic pans are not supposed to be disposable. However, if you do not prefer to clean the pans, you may find cardboard boxes a better idea.

c) Covered Litter Box Pans. Although not the smartest option, this choice is also worth consideration. Covered pans manufacturers claim that having a lid on the litter box will prevent children and smaller pets from accessing the litter box as well as keep the house from stinking. Although it carries some truth, some pet owners are liable to forget to clean the box as often, as they cannot smell the cat's poop due to the lid of the pan. As a result, the cat will be forced to use a dirty and smelly litter box. Therefore, if a covered pan is your preferred choice of litter box for your cat, do remember to clean it more frequently than you would a non-covered litter box.

d) Self-cleaning litter box pans. Let's face it, the worse part about being a pet owner is to clean up after the pet after it answered nature's call. However, technology has allowed the invention of a "self-cleaning" litter box. Pet product manufacturers have found an almost hands-free solution. Some self-cleaning boxes come with inserts which you have to dispose of and replace with another. Others may have a rollover collector that captures the cat poop while the clean granules remain on the pan. The collector is then removed and disposed of while more granules are added if necessary. See below for more information about Siamese Cats.

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