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The Siamese: 5 Reasons We Love Them

Siamese cats are one of the most popular and easily recognized breeds of cat in the world. What makes the Siamese such a hit with humans? There are many reasons as many reasons as there are owners. However, there are several reasons that Siamese stand out amongst the other breeds.

The first reason is the Siamese's distinctive coloring. The contrast of the light colored body and the distinctive color pattern that is just across the face, feet and tail is hard to resist. It's a striking pattern and easily remembered. While bi-colored cats may have a nice contrast, the placement of the Siamese coloring highlights their faces and their long elegant feet and tail.

The second reason is the vivid blue eyes of the Siamese. The dark patterned fur and the light blue eyes is often a startling contrast. Blue eyes are unusual in a cat, even more so staring out of a dark face. It is no doubt this contrast that makes the seal point the most popular of all the Siamese colors.

The third reason is the personality of the Siamese. Siamese have a wonderful, loyal personality. In many ways these cats bridge the gap between a canine and feline. They combine the loyalty and love of a dog with the independence of a cat. Like a dog, these cats often fetch without being taught and many will walk on a harness. However, Siamese only do this when they want to do these things, not when their owner expects them to be done.

The fourth reason is that Siamese talk. No one forgets the sound of a Siamese. While the loud meow is the most distinctive sound they make, Siamese are talkers and they vocalize their every thought. Once a person has gotten used to the sounds of a Siamese, they expect all cats to have the same forthrightness in their communication!

The final reason is the athleticism of these cats. Siamese move. These cats were born to play and be active and they show it regularly. Many people love watching them pounce on their favorite cat toys. Interactive toys are always a hit with Siamese. They enjoy time spent with their humans and these toys allow them to move their well-muscled bodies.

Siamese cats blend well into a number of different settings. People love the look, the sound and even the playful personality of the cat. Those people who want to go away for short periods of time, love having a cat who will take care of themselves. Those who want companionship, adore the loyalty. They are small enough to be able to run and exercise in the smaller spaces of a home or apartment, yet their personalities would fill a mansion.

Bonnie Koenig lives with her three cats. She and her Siamese maintain their website

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