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Cat Urine Issues

Cat urine issues are aggravating to many cat owners. Often times a cat will have been using the litter box normally for years and then all of a sudden you find your bed and carpet soaked in cat urine. By reviewing some basic steps you can help get your cat urine issues under control.

The first step when dealing with cat urine issues is to rule out any medical problems. To do this take your cat to a veterinarian. They will need to rule out any hormonal problems or urinary tract infections that can lead to cats not using the litter box.

As a general rule of thumb you should have one more litter box in your house than you have number of cats. For instance, if you have three cats, you need to have four litter boxes. Always be sure to have the litter boxes cleaned on a regular basis with soap and water and putting down clean litter.

Often times the simplest things will cause a cat to stop using the litter box. One example is if you have recently changed the type of litter you are putting in the box, or have changed the location of the litter box to next to a noisy appliance like a washer or dryer.

Another possible cause of the cat not using the litter box is stress. If there has been a change in the house, like a new baby, or a visiting guest, this can cause enough of a problem for the cat to stop using the litter box.

To help resolve cat urine issues sooner, be sure to clean any messes on carpets and beds quickly. Cats have a very good sense of smell and even if you cleaned it; it is possible that the cats can still smell urine there. If they do smell urine there they will likely urinate in that spot again, so cleaning cat urine from carpeting is important.

Cat urine issues come in a lot of varieties. By reviewing some basic steps you can likely solve litter box issues on your own. Please remember to seek a veterinarians help if you think your cat is sick.

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