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Blood in Cat Stool May Not Be Serious

Did you find cat blood in stool and are worried that there might be something terribly wrong?  Sometimes you may see bright red blood in cat stool if their bowel movements are very hard or dry which could be from lack of water or moist foods. 

Kittens will sometimes strain because of constipation to have a bowel movement which irritates the tissue causing it to bleed.  Sometimes, the tissue will remain out of the rectum for awhile and since it is a reddish color it seems like the cat is bleeding.  Straining during a bowel movement can also be from worms, bowel disease, or inflammation which should be checked by a vet.

Intestinal parasites, such as worms can lead to blood in cat stool.  Usually kittens will have cat blood in stool because of a parasitic nature, one of which is coccidiosis.  If this is the case a vet will need to get a stool sample to see if coccidia are present.

Cats with bacterial infections that cause colitis may have normal appearing stools, but you may also see bright red blood on the stool or around the cat's rectum.  A vet will take a fecal smear to examine, or the stool may need to be cultured, so that other bacterial infections such Salmonella or E.coli are ruled out.

If your cat does not have any parasites, bowel disease or inflammation try changing their meals to a low fat and high fiber diet which will help with constipation making their bowel movement much easier.

Some cats for whatever reason or another may have blood in cat stool but the cat does not seem to be affected by the problem.  If you feel unconvertible about the situation have your veterinarian continue to check out your cat for further problems.  You might also want to supplement your cat's daily diet with natural remedies that work with their body to heal and improve immunity to fight off any infections and to create a healthy intestinal environment.

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