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Pyometra and Well Germs - What Other People Are Not Telling You About This Common Cat Health Problem

It is inevitable that your cat will, over the course of his life, become sick. Although most ailments are easily treated, some can be fatal, so it is important to be alert to any signs of disease.

Pyometra is an infection of the uterus that attacks unaltered female cats. Signs may include listlessness, lack of appetite, great thirst and frequent urination, as well as an odorous discharge from the vagina that is thick and creamy.

However, some females exhibit no signs at all, her coat maybe shiny, her eyes clear and her appetite and behavior normal. And, since cats are so clean, you have to keep a close watch for any signs of vaginal discharge before she clean it away.

However, there are signs to alert you to the increased possibility of pyometra. If your cat has frequent seasons, or if her seasons are few and far between, she will be more susceptible to pyometra.

Or if she has mated, you may think she is pregnant when it is really the infection in the uterus causing her abdomen to appear plump with kittens. The instant you spot the discharge take her to the veterinarian.

She can die if not treated immediately, as the infection can cause the uterus to burst. The most effective treatment for pyometra is overiohysterectomy, the removal of both uterus and ovaries.

When you introduce a new kitten or cat to your home, and you already have one or more cats, you should be aware that the new addition may not be immune to the well germs carried by your present cats.

Even though your other cats have received all of their shots and are in good health, they have become accustomed to the germs in their environment and have built up immunity to them. Having come from another environment, your new cat may not be immune to these germs and may come down with a respiratory infection or some other ailment within a week or two.

Your other cats, in turn, may not be immune to the well germs of your new cats, so you may see minor illnesses in all your cats as they adjust.

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