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Even Cats Made Charitable Donations in 2008

We all know how much animal shelters rely on charitable donations from all of us but a group of cats returned the favor recently when The International Cat Association held a cat show in Corpus Christi, Texas, sponsored by The Showcase, a Texas Based cat club. 200 award winning cats, representing as many as 35 breeds, helped stock the shelves of the Corpus Christi Food Bank. The Food Bank helps the less fortunate in the region which becomes even more stressed during the holidays. Each person attending was given $1.00 off their admission with a donation of a dry food for the Food Bank. They also accepted any cat or dog item donated for a local animal shelter. The show was well attended and the Food Bank and animal shelter reaped the benefits. We can all be part of the solution to an almost insurmountable problem of hunger. Never say cats don't do their part!!

With the shocking news that pets are being dropped off at animal shelters due to the current economic crisis and even the abandonment of pets when owners are forced out of their homes by foreclosures, it is more imperative than ever that those of us who are able give to the animal shelters in our individual areas. Please make a donation this month to aid the shelters in their attempts to help these defenseless animals. You can even make a donation dedicated to someone you love or a lost pet. Please help, it will do your heart good.

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