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Causes of Blood in Cat Urine

Some reasons for blood in cat urine can be from the following causes:

o One of the most common reasons for cat urine with blood is a urinary tract infection. This type of infection could be in the bladder, or urethra or kidneys. This requires immediate veterinarian care so the kidneys are not damaged further.

o Another cause of blood in cat urine could be kidney disease which is serious. Symptoms are similar to urinary tract infections and can vary from and include; increased urination, urinating less than usual, thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures or no appetite.

o Urinary stones sometimes form in the urinary tract which can scrape the urethra causing blood in cat urine. Causes of stones can be mineral crystals in the urine, bacteria, diseases, some medications, pH imbalance of urine.

o Has your cat eaten something harmful such as poison? Rat or mouse poison causes internal bleeding and dehydration which can cause cat urine with blood.

o Blood in cat urine needs to be differentiated from blood in urine due to a female cat in estrus stage. When the cat comes into heat the urine may become reddish and resemble blood mixed with urine. This is normal and nothing to be concerned with.

The urinary tract is an amazing system which removes waste, controls fluid and mineral levels. To keep your cat in good shape, once they no longer have symptoms, start a routine of alternative supplements which can help support your cat's urinary tract so it stays on balance making them less prone to infections.

Rebecca Shelly has been studying alternative health conditions for pets for many years. She is a regular contributor to a site discussing some of the most promising natural treatments for pet health on the market today. If you're looking for an alternative to harsh medications for your pet, visit the site to learn more.

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