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How to Maintain Your Cat Urinary Health to Prevent Cat Urinary Tract Blockage

Cat urinary tract blockage mainly comes from a) cats fed an unhealthy over-processed diet and b) feeding too much food.

The risk factors are;

1. Cats two to five years old have a higher incidence of a cat urinary tract blockage
2. Male and neutered male cats
3. Diet of dry food with not enough liquid or moisture
4. Obesity

These risk factors do not affect all cats the same. In general cats can tolerate dry diets with no urinary problems. However, most urinary problems can be traced to nutritional issues with the cat's diet. Felines ages ago only ate raw meat and grasses in the wild obtaining all the vitamins and nutrients they needed. Today's diet much like our human diet is composed of over processed cereal fillers not meant to be digested by a domesticated cat.

The result of this over processed diet is cat urinary tract blockage which is a direct result of unbalanced urine pH. Widely available through pet supply stores are raw meat diets and prescription diet products which help stabilize urine pH. Only small bladder stones can be treated with a diet; larger stones have to be surgically removed and then introduce the correct diet in hopes of preventing any further stones from forming.

Another option to promote cat urinary health is the use of homeopathic products specifically designed to protect and promote cat urinary health. These alternative products can be added on a daily basis which can help the immune system fight any formation of stones and keep the urinary system at optimum health.

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