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How to Prevent Cat Bladder Stones

Cat bladder stones, or uroliths, are rock-like accumulations of minerals in your cat's bladder or urinary tract. They can irritate your cat's bladder and cause bleeding. They can also lead to a complete blockage of your cat's urine flow. If left untreated, bladder stones can be fatal for your cat.

A cat bladder stone is usually caused by a bad diet or infection. Both of these issues can be easily prevented at home. While there is no home treatment for dissolving bladder stones, you can prevent them from recurring by making some changes to your cat's lifestyle and habits.

Before you resort to these preventive treatments for cat bladder stones however, make sure your cat gets taken to a vet for prompt treatment. Even going 2-3 days without urinating will cause your cat's bladder to burst and could kill him.

The symptoms of a cat bladder stone include blood in the urine and straining to urinate. Your vet will make the diagnosis by doing X-rays. The stones will be dissolved or removed either through surgery, manipulation, or a special diet.

To prevent the formation of cat bladder stones, you should ask your vet to analyze the stones removed for their chemical composition. By doing so, your vet can determine if a special diet can help prevent them.

For example, many stones are made up of magnesium. The obvious step you can take is to give your dog food that is low in magnesium. If a bacterial infection caused the formation of a cat bladder stone, give your cat natural food.

Food that is high in carbohydrates and minerals can alter the pH level of your cat's urine. When the pH level of your cat's urine is not balanced, it can make it easier for bacteria to flourish and stones to form. That's why it's important to give your cat natural food that is high in protein.

Most commercial cat food is grain-based because grains are cheap. Your cat will pay the price however. In addition to giving your cat healthy, natural food, give her plenty of fresh, filtered water. Water prevents the urine from thickening thus makes it harder for bacteria to flourish and stones to form.

Cat bladder stones can also be prevented with the regular administration of a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy is completely safe and side effect free. Look for a commercially prepared formula that contains ingredients like uva ursi, berberis vulgaris, and cantharis.

Uva ursi is a well-known urinary tonic that helps to maintain normal pH levels in the urinary tract. Berberis vulgaris has a restorative effect on the bladder and urinary tract while cantharis maintains a healthy flow of urine and soothes the bladder.

In order to prevent cat bladder stones, follow these simple tips. By making these easy lifestyle changes, your cat won't have to suffer unnecessarily and you will save a lot on medical bills.

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