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Introducing Cats to Each Other

When you already own a cat, getting a new cat to be a part of your household, can prove to be a difficult task. No matter how sweet your first cat may be, most of the time jealousy and possessiveness gets the best of them, and they can be very aggressive to the cat to prove their dominance. There are ways to dealing with this sort of issue. Here are a few tips to consider when welcoming a new cat member into your home.

When starting out, you want to introduce them slowly to each other. This will ensure that the introduction is safe, and with as little stress as possible. Prepare a small room, such as a bathroom, or bedroom where the new cat can be for a few days. The cats can interact through the door and that is the only way. They need time to get used to each others scents. Plus, the new cat will see this small room as their safe place, and since it already has the new cats scent in it, the other cat will get the idea with little resistance.

After they have spent a few days being separated by a door, bring the new cat out for a small period of time. You might find that you need to step in if things start getting a little too rough, but the truth of the matter is that you should be able to step in without too many problems. Most cats will be more interested at this point in investigating each other rather than wanting to hurt each other, so take some time and let them play together for a bit.

If either cat is feeling particularly aggressive, or if you are familiar with their behavior and are worried about a more dangerous introduction, take the time to put the new cat into a carrier and leave him out for the other cat to investigate. This is one measure that you can use to introduce them to each other and this can go a long way towards helping the cats feel safer and more secure around each other. Take the time to really let them get used to each other.

Start with the meeting being a few minutes at a time. Then move on to a few hours at a time. When introducing a new cat into your home, you'll need to be patient. It will take some getting used to on everybody's part. However, if done properly you'll have them getting along in no time.

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