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Litter Box Training - Are You Making These Common Mistakes?

Are you having problems with your cat going to the toilet where she shouldn't, even though you have provided her with a perfectly good litter box? Fed up with the resulting mess and smell?

I was at a total loss when my cat suddenly stopped using her box and started to use my bathroom carpet instead! No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work, and every morning there would be a fresh pool of urine by the bathroom door. I couldn't get rid of the smell, and even considered getting rid of my cat! But what I hadn't realized was that I was putting her off using it without even being aware. Here are five of the most common mistakes people make when trying to train their cats to use the litter box;

1. They buy a box that is too small. Your cat must have enough room to turn around in it comfortably, as cats will often circle before 'doing their business'. If it is too cramped, she will be put off using it.

2. They place the box in a busy area; if your cat is constantly disturbed when using her litter box, this will also put her off. Place the box in a quiet area, not where people or other pets will be constantly walking by. Placing the box in front of a household appliance which could make a sudden noise, such as a washing machine, could also put her off.

3. They use the wrong cat litter. Cats have preferences like we do, and if your cat does not use the box, it could be that she doesn't like the litter you are using. Try changing it for a different type.

4. They don't clean the box often enough. Cats like to be clean, and won't use a litter box that is too dirty. She is more likely to want to use it if you keep it clean and fresh.

5. They don't provide enough litter boxes for the cats in their household. One litter box is not enough for more than one cat; the other cats in the household may feel intimidated when trying to use the box, and it is more difficult to keep the box clean. The best rule of thumb is to provide at least one litter box for each cat.

If you are making one or more of these mistakes, hopefully it should only take a couple of changes for your cat to start using her litter box. I changed the position of mine, tried new cat litter and she's been using it ever since!

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