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Tips to Reduce Feline Urinary Tract Infection

UTI or as it is now called, (IFUTD) idiopathic feline lower urinary tract disease occurs quite often in cats.  Feline urinary tract infection affects the bladder and usually the urethra which is the tube carrying urine from the bladder.

An infection of the bladder can be quite uncomfortable for your cat.  If you notice your cat licking their genital area more often or trying to urinate with no result or very little urine, it might be from an IFUTD.

Causes of a feline urinary tract infection may be the result of bacteria, fungus, parasitic, viral, urinary stones, obstructions, cancer or even diet.  Over half of all the cases of urinary problems for cats are not fully known as to what causes cat urinary tract infection.  Most cases of IFLUTD get better by themselves even if no treatment is given.  But if you cat looks like it is distressed do not wait for medical treatment because this type of infection can progress to the kidneys making it life threatening.

Stress has been noted in some studies with humans that a weather change or moving to new surroundings, particularly if the weather is a different climate, can cause cystitis which is a bladder condition in humans.  Vets have noticed this coincidence in regards to cat urinary tract infection with animals as well and suggest limiting stress in the home.

Perhaps the best alternative for your cat's urinary tract health is to feed them only once or twice per day.  Cats that eat throughout the day (free fed) seem to produces a urinary environment conducive to stones and infections.  Making sure your cat has fresh water and a clean litter box to encourage frequent urination can result in lower concentrations of mineral deposits which discourages stone formation.

Most commercial available food is designed to promote a balance in the urine to prevent problems with feline urinary tract infection.  Specially compounded supplements that enhance the urinary tract to provide bladder health are also available for your pet and you may want to consider these in addition to a healthy diet for added support.

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