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Cats and Cat Toys For Our Feline Friends

They say that the world divides into cat people and dog people. While that may be so for some, I believe it's more a matter of loving animals in general and wanting them in your life. Whether it's a cat or a dog, or some other critter for that matter, what counts is having animal companions.

That said, I freely admit that I am a cat person who's been enchanted with feline friends for many decades. As far as I am concerned, there isn't a more perfect creature on the face of this earth. I currently have three cats and I never tire watching them play and do their thing. Each has a different personality and style. Each has their own cat toys, and each has little quirks, likes and dislikes.

What's interesting about cats is that unlike humans, they never seem to get tired of playing. One of my cats is three and the other two, siblings, are seven or eight. You'd think the three-year-old kitty is still a teenager and playful whereas the other two are adults, but they all seem to enjoy playing equally. And no matter how many times I put their cat toys in the basket where they belong, the cats think differently and drag them all over the house.

Sometimes it seems that cats love to play with just about anything. Socks, wads of paper, cardboard boxes, string and, of course, anything they can bat and roll around. I also buy them presents and so there's a whole bunch of cat toys all over the house. My two older cats are small and you'd swear they were still kittens. They absolutely love to run after balls, and so they have an assortment of colored balls, some with feathers on them, and some with bells and other noisy things inside them.

Stitch, my three-year-old cat, is a large Russian Blue (or at least he looks like one) who's aloof and aristocratic. You'd swear he were the elder statesman of the house, and not the baby. His one weakness is catnip mice and other fluffy little cat toys that he can chase around. They almost inevitably end up under a sofa or behind the fridge, and then he tries for hours to reach them.

All three absolutely love to chase after a laser pointer. When they first came out, laser pointers cost a fortune, but today you can get them for a few dollars in cat toy stores. If there's one toy cats never seem to tire of, it must be a laser pointer. A close second are what I call "cat teasers." That's the fishing rod kind of toys that have feathers and fur balls attached. My cats just love to go after them. When Stitch was a kitten, he used to do back flips trying to get at the feathers.

Another category of cat toys is cat scratchers and gyms. If your kitty is a scratcher, there's no better investment than an assortment of things where he can sharpen his claws on instead of shredding the sofa!

Cats are wonderfully entertaining creatures to begin with, but watching them play with toys is even more fun. I make sure they always have something new and challenging to play with. Cat toys don't cost a lot, so reward and challenge your feline companion(s) with something new to play!

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