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Vacationing Without Your Kitty - Steps to Make it Easier While Home Alone

With an atlas on the table, and vacation time scheduled just around the corner, the week you've been waiting for is almost here! All of your plans are coming together beautifully, but one thing has your scratching your head-what should I do with my cat?

Many cat owners find that their cat does not like to travel in the car, and do not like to visit other people's homes. A boarding place seems too terrifying for your cat. What options are left?

It is possible to leave your kitty at home, and have peace of mind in doing so! What should you do?

1. Be sure to turn off all alarm clocks in the house before you leave. You won't have to worry about the cat having to listen to an annoying beeping sound all week while you are gone.

2. Don't forget to leave plenty of food and water out for your cat.

3. Turn a radio on, and turn to a station that plays comforting music. Softer music styles are the way to go-nothing that sounds like chaos and noise. If you have a large home, you may want to turn on two radios. Keep the volume at a normal range. This will keep sounds in the house. The deafening silence will cause your cat to feel lonely and scared. Remember, they are used to regular activity in the home on a daily basis.

4. Leave a few pieces of clothing or blankets out that have your family's familiar smells on them. A bathrobe, a child's soft blanket, a worn shirt-this gives them a small piece of you while you are away.

5. Have a trusted friend or family member stop by your home for one or two hours each day, and if possible, twice a day. Have the friend spend time petting the cat, and just being in the home so that it is not completely empty every day. The friend can bring a book or newspaper with them, or do a few errands around your home so that there is movement everyday, like the cat is used to. If you cannot get one friend to commit each day, or twice a day, ask a few friends to take turns.

6. Upon returning home, enter your home in a calm manner. It you have an entire family returning home, the sudden loud commotion will scare your kitty, and make it harder to adjust to your returning. Within a few hours or a day, your cat will begin to act like his or her normal self. They will soon be enjoying your attention and company all over again. And you won't feel guilty when you are planning your next vacation.

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