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Vaccinations - Does My Cat Need Them?

In this article we will be talking about the notion that if my cat never goes outside then why do they need the vaccinations? Do they really need these shots? It is very important that take your pet to your vet, he will explain the why to you.

Vaccines will protect your cat from different infectious diseases, which include distemper and rabies. Also they can even get what is called upper respiratory disorders infections. Since these infections can be difficult or maybe even impossible to treat sometimes, preventive vaccinations are by far the best medicine. Your Vet can give you all the information about vaccinations and when it is best to get them.

All cats should be vaccinated, especially those cats indoor cats that never set foot indoors. Cats that will never go outside, over a period in time will lose their own natural immunity, and when this happens it will make your cat very vulnerable to different kinds of diseases every time you even open a door, or if he ventures outside somehow. Some of the viruses your cat has to deal with are air born, and there are even others viruses that can even be brought into the house from outside on the bottom of your shoes and even off clothing as well.

There is also the risk that an outside cat can wonder into your cat's space and he or she will come in contact with your cat, and by doing that it will lead to possibly contaminating your cat with a virus. Vaccine works by introducing a milder version of a particular disease into the cat's body. This will cause the cat's immune system to begin to swing into action, and produce antibodies to fight the virus. This way if he should come in contact with this particular virus, the cat's body will call on the immune system to fight off the infection and the virus.

Vaccines don't assure that your pet will have a lifetime of immunity; however for this reason your cat will need a "booster" shot so to speak, and this way his body will stay protected form these viruses. One you have a new kitten they will receive the antibodies from their mothers milk during the first twenty four hours. This will provide him with what is called"passive immunity". The only thing here is that after he is weaned from mom, about week 6 to week 12, the cat become venerable to viruses.

The problem here is that Vet are not sure exactly when the passive immunity will last in the kitten. So as you can see if the passive immunity should wears off before your kitten has a chance to build up his own immunity he can become sick vary easily. When the kitten receives his 'shots' this will insure that his immune system gets a good jump start on life. So to insure he get the full protection your kitten should be re-vaccinated until his immune system takes over and protects him.

NOTE: This article is for information only, contact for vet for medical questions.

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