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Cat Bleeding - What Action Should You Take When Your Cat is Having This Problem?

It is easy to say that if an accident occurs, take your cat to the veterinarian. But what is the veterinarian's office is closed? Or you lived hundreds of miles away from the veterinarian? Here are some things you will need to know.

What about bleeding? Although most minor bleeding will stop of its own accord, if your cat is bleeding heavily you will need to apply a pressure bandage or, in extreme cases, a tourniquet.

Accidents will happen, and the best way to handle them is to be prepared. Make sure you have a properly equipped first aid kit, be aware of the types of injuries your cat might suffer, and know how best to treat them.

Some treatments are straight forward, if your cat is choking; you need to remove the obstruction from his throat. Other accidents, however, require more complex treatment, and this easy reference section will explain how you can best treat your cat in an emergency.

A pressure bandage, which stops the blood flowing at the wound, is used when the bleeding is not too severe. Apply a cold water compress onto the wound and then put on a pressure bandage of gauze and fasten with tape or torn sheeting.

The main point of bleeding will be where your cat is licking. If your cat is bleeding profusely from a limb or a tail wound, you will need to use a tourniquet, which stops the blood flowing to the wound.

To apply, bind a strip of cloth tightly above the wound. A tourniquet should be used as a last resort, and the animal must be taken immediately to the veterinarian's office. If his paw or leg is injured and bleeding, bandage up one side and down the other and then secure it above the joint.

If his tail is bleeding, wrap the bandage tightly. Never use a pin to fasten anything on a cat. Use only tape or torn sheeting. If your cat is bleeding, apply a pressure bandage to the wound. If the bleeding continues, take him to the veterinarian for treatment.

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