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How to Go About Toilet Training a Cat

If you are a fan of pets, and especially cats, then you have a task of toilet training them. You may be wondering how possible this is, but believe you me, there are even books that have been written on this topic. Toilet training for your cat is necessary nowadays because unlike in the past where people lived in homes with gardens, today, many are living in apartments where there are no gardens or backyards.

Cats would go into the garden, do their potty and cover it up with soil, but now this is not common due to the absence of the gardens. This is where toilet training for a cat comes in. It is not an easy affair, but its is worth the effort. It begins by having some basic skills on how to handle the pet. You need to make a litter box for the pet, and teach the it to use it.

It will require you to be a bit patient with the animal because it is not a guarantee that it will learn instantly. In the beginning, place the box where the pet likes to stay at the most, and gradually with time, move it to the washroom area. Remember that you have to keep emptying the litter box, otherwise the bad smell will suffocate the whole house.

Once the cat is used to the box, it will learn to look for it to ease itself. As you move the box to the bathroom area, trim the edges and start placing it on the seat. Gradually, cut a hole in the center of the box and let the pet get used to this too. Finally, remove the brims of the box completely and leave the flat cardboard on the seat. You will be amazed.

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