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Cat Breeding - What Information You Need to Know When Your Cat is Pregnant

Be aware of your queen's needs and try to make her pregnancy as easy as possible. Although her behavior may change significantly during this time, this is perfectly natural and not a cause for concern.

When your cat becomes pregnant, you will notice many changes in her, from her temperament to her appetite. Even though this time may be difficult for both of you, it is important that you take proper precautions so she and her kittens are happy and healthy.

Try to avoid taking your queen anywhere during her pregnancy. Handle her gently, and do not let anyone carry her roughly. At about 3 weeks, turn her over on her back and look at her nipples. They should be turning pink in color and starting to enlarge.

You will also notice at this point that she has become swollen around her vulva, this is more easily seen on shorthaired or light colored queens. Although your queen is supposed to eat more while pregnant, some queens do not experience an increase in appetite.

If she is otherwise in good health, do not worry. Make sure she is eating a high quality diet that has been tested to meet the needs of cats for gestation or pregnancy, lactation or milk production, and growth.

Prepare a place for your queen to deliver her kittens in good time. If she is a cattery cat, then her cage will be fine, but if she is your house cat, a low drawer pulled halfway out of a dresser and lined with soft cloth may be suitable.

A box place on the floor of a closer with the door ajar is also a good site. She is generally happy for you to select the area. If the queen is an outdoor cat, provide her with a refuge where both she and her kittens will feel safe and where they will be undisturbed by curious visitors.

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