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Cat Breeding - The Information That You Should Really Know to Choose a Clean and Healthy Stud Cat

It is important to find a stud cat who comes from healthy stock and is in good health before breeding. Make sure that your queen and the stud cat are current on their vaccinations. You must take your female to the stud cat. He does not come to you.

So be sure to visit the quarters where the stud cat is housed. In many cases, this will be a large cage in someone's home or a cage in a shed or garage. Check that his bedding, litter pan and general surroundings are clean.

You can expect to find a strong odor in his quarters. The stud cat's urine, both in his litter pan and where he has sprayed, is strong. This does not mean that he is unclean; no amount of cleaning will take away that strong odor.

Make sure his quarters are free from drafts and climate controlled. Check with his owner if she is present while the breeding is going on to ensure the stud does not hurt the queen or vice versa. The ethical breeder will witness the matings.

The unethical one will tell you they think a mating took place, and this will leave you wondering for a few weeks before you know if your queen is pregnant or not. It is vital for the breeder to be able to tell you that the cats have definitely mated.

Even if your queen is in season and howling for a male, do not be surprised is she goes out of season as soon as she arrives at the stud cat's home. Very often either the trip or the stress of being in a strange place will put her out of season.

The queen should not immediately be put in with the male, whether she is in or out of season. She should be placed in a cage next to his. Sometimes she will hiss and spit at him and hide in the bed in her cage. If she does not go out of season, she will usually relax and start to rub herself against the bars of the cage nearest his.

That is when the breeder can place her in the cage with the male. If she does nothing but curl up and hiss and growl, you may be asked to take her home and try another time. If you have sent your female by airplane for the mating, and she goes out of season from the stress of the trip, the breeder may keep her for a few weeks until she comes back in season and be bred.

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