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Cat Pregnancy - What You Should Really Know About This to Avoid Any Mistakes

Your pregnant queen's temperament may change for better or for worse. Hormonal changes may result in her not wanting other cats near her. She may even go so far as to attack one of her favorite companions.

This is natural behavior, so do not punish her. It may be best to confine her to a room or confine the other pets until this phase passes. As she progresses through her pregnancy, her temperament will probably change yet again and she may actually seek out other cats.

She will want to cuddle up to them and she will even allow then to nurse on her. She is in full maternal bloom. Do not be surprised is she picks up a soft toy in her mouth and carries it about the house, mewing softly.

This is her make believe kitten and she is practicing being a mother. She will also be inclined to show you more affection, and may expect you to show her more attention too. As her tummy increases in girth, she may flop in her back to have you gently stroke her abdomen.

She will fall asleep purring while you stroke. Watch closely throughout your queen's pregnancy for signs of illness or listlessness. If you spot these signs, take her to the veterinarian as she could be suffering from a uterine infection or false pregnancy, or she could be having a miscarriage.

Make sure you record the exact date that she was bred as this is vital information for your veterinarian in determining the possible causes of her ailments. It is also important for you to know this in order to prepare for her birth and to be on hand when she delivers.

A cat will generally carry kittens for 63 days, although she cat have them as early as 58 or 59 days and as late as 67 or 68 days with no ill effects. Any period of time shorter or longer generally indicates trouble, and you should contact the veterinarian.

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