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Easy to Follow Cat Training Advices

Probably, you've been told that you cannot train your cat or teach him some tricks. It's true that cat's are more independent than dogs but if you know how, you can learn your cat many trick and solve his behavior problems. If you've trained a dog earlier you should know that training a cat is completely different. Cats think very different from dogs and it's why dog training methods fail when applied to a cat.

Usually cat owners wants train their cats to behave properly, not to scratch, bite, use litter box properly. If you see yours cat inappropriate behave you should think about his motivation. Maybe you have changed something in his environment or it's bad from the beginning. For example, if your cat is scratching the furniture provide him with some toys to scratch.

Cats get bored very fast, for example you can play with your dog whole afternoon with his best toy, cat would be bored after ten minutes of playing and it's normal. If you are playing with a furry ball with your cat. Every time he brings it back, give him a food treat and a praise. immediately stop the session.

Let say you want to learn your cat to sit on a command. Take a treat and hold it above your cats head. Say "sit" and push down on the back end. When sit give him a treat, remember give a treat immediately because cat has to associate treat with the action he has just taken.

Walking on a leash is another useful skill for your cat. If you want to get your pet on a walk you have to learn how to do it. Firstly, be sure you use well-fitted, good leash. Walk with a cat looks completely different than walk with a dog. It would be a little bit slower because your cat will stop to eat some grass etc. Praise your cat every time he goes forward when you tell him to do so. Remember to keep a walk short and if your cat gets tired to finish it.

In conclusion, training a cat is completely different from training a dog because cat's are more independent and they walk their own paths. If you want to learn your cat some tricks you have to be consist and determined, these are two most important factors.

It's funny how many dog-training guides there are available. All the information you could ever want on how to teach your dog tricks; how to communicate with your dog; how to understand what your dog's thinking; how to prevent behavioral problems.

Why aren't there more books on how to do all this for cats? After all, cats are just as popular as dogs (if not more so); and, arguably, they're just as intelligent and just as capable of being trained. Visit [] and learn more about cat training

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