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Whisker Pain - What You Should Know About This Common Cat Health Problem

Cats do not have whiskers just for looks. Whiskers are very important to your cat. He may use them as feelers to avoid bumping into things in the dark, to measure the width of a space to ensure that he will fit through, and when he is hunting.

Whiskers can also be a bother to him, especially if he tries to eat food out of a bowl. The ends of the whiskers touching the side of the bowl can transfer irritating sensations to his brain, making it hard for him to continue eating.

It is rather like you eating with your head encased in a bag, the sides of the bag rubbing against your face would not make for an enjoyable meal. Whiskers are extremely sensitive. Damage to his whiskers can cause your cat discomfort.

When he is a kitten, his mother might face chewed some or all of his whiskers off while cleaning food from them. Do not worry, this is normal and they will soon grow back. Certain breeds, such as the Rex cats, cannot grow their whiskers at all.

Because of the consistency of their hair, the whiskers break off close to the muzzle. Encourage your kittens to use a scratching pad instead of your furniture and, if they continue to use your furniture attach orange peel to it.

They dislike the smell and will quickly learn to stay away. If you decide to have your cat declawed, you should not allow him to go outdoors unsupervised. Your indoor cat may shed for the entire year. Just accept this and make the time to comb him regularly.

Feed a complete and balanced diet to keep your cat's intestinal tract healthy. Ringworm is one of the few diseases that can be passed from cats to humans, with children being most susceptible.

Little is known about heartworm in cats and the signs are vague. So, if your cat, like the Burmese, is feeling sick, take him to the veterinarian immediately. To prevent acne, try serving your cat's meal in a non plastic food dish. Then make sure you wash his chin regularly to clear away any food remnants.

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