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Cat Breeding - Important Info on What to Look For When Choosing a Mate For Your Feline

Before consider breeding cats, ask yourself if you are willing to sip up all night with an expectant queen, or to give up your annual vacation because you cannot leave a house full of cats. Unless you are breeding purebred cats for a specific purpose, it is not recommended that you breed cats.

You will simply be adding to the unwanted kitten population. When selecting the ideal partner for your queen, ask to see his pedigree, or family tree. In addition to the colors of his ancestors listed on the chart, ask if his owner knows the colors of his litter mates.

These cats do not appear on the pedigree but can affect the colors of the kittens your female will produce. For instance, the pedigree might simply show the seal points, but two seal points can produce a blue point if their litter mates or their ancestors' litter mates are blue point.

Many breeders choose a studcat based on the number of champion and grand champions in his pedigree. For one reason or another many cats may not have been shown, yet their bloodlines may be identical to others who have been shown.

The bloodline is what is important, and the traits and health information carried in certain bloodlines is what you should look for. You will also need to select a male to complement your female.

If she has a long tail and her standard calls for a short tail, choose a male with a short tail. Remember, however, that inheritance of many traits is complex. The studcat's owner should provide you with a five generation pedigree, but a minimum of three generations is acceptable if you do not plan to show.

Before sending your queen to the studcat for mating, settle the cost of the stud service and find out whether a free repeat breeding will be offered in the event she either does not conceive or has a little consisting of only one kitten.

It is important when choosing a studcat that you check that his litter mates all have the characteristics you are trying to achieve, ear shape, for example, or coat color. Otherwise, as with the litter of Scottish Folds, you might not get everything you expected.

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