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Pet Meds - What You Should Do When Your Cat is Vomiting and Stuck in a Tree

It is not unusual for your cat to vomit, and he may be doing nothing more than ridding himself of a hairball. Similarly, if your cat is vomiting only after meals, he may simply be overeating. Try putting a smaller amount of food in his bowl.

Or if yours is a multi cat household, make sure he has his own food bowl. Your cats may be competing for food and therefore eating too quickly. If vomiting continues, see your veterinarian. Vomiting may be a sign of many illnesses.

You may want to stop feeding him for 12 hours, but give plenty of water to drink to avoid dehydration. Then give him only bland foods available from your veterinarian, for the nest 24 hours. If everything seems fine, slowly reintroduce variety into his diet.

Whenever your cat's vomiting is combined with not eating, not drinking, or not behaving in his usual manner, or if there are signs of blood in his vomit, you should take him straight to the veterinarian. This could signal one of many more serious illnesses, including poisoning, gastritis, ulcers or even feline infectious enteritis or FIE.

One day you may find your cat stuck in a tree, and neither one of you will know what to do. In most cases, when he feels hungry, he will find his own way down. But sometimes, if he is sick or panicked, he will be too frightened to come down.

Try calling and coaxing him into reach with his favorite food, treat or toy. Call your local fire department if you need additional assistance. If all these methods fail, then it is time for more drastic measures, climbing the tree.

Cover yourself with a long sleeved shirt and wear thick gloves for your hands, he will probably scratch and may even try to bite you. Take along a small towel, if you can cover him with that you have a better chance of catching him.

You will need to stay very calm because if he becomes any more frightened, he may climb even higher up the tree. If all attempts at rescue fail, all you can do is leave his favorite food as close to him as possible. Be sure to check on him every often to help him down if he needs assistance.

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