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4 Ways to Bond With Your Kitty

Just as if you brought home a new puppy, bringing home a new cat or kitten requires just as much patience. Your new kitty will need your undivided attention to help him/her get used to his/her new surroundings. Cats are wary of change, so it is important to make the process of welcoming a cat home slow and calm. There are many ways for you to connect with your new pet. During this crucial time, here are some ways you can bond with your new cat and continue to have a loving relationship with your kitty.

1. Lots of petting. A cat loves to be petted and is shown by its steady purring. Be sure to pet your cat everyday to show your affection and bond with your kitty. Talk to your cat while giving him/her a good petting. Speak calmly and give your cat lots of praise. If your cat wants you to stop, he/she will let you know usually by giving you a little nibble on the hand. Petting is great, but you don't want to over-stimulate your cat.

2. Daily brushings. Just like with dogs, daily brushings will help keep your cat's skin and coat looking healthy, especially the longer haired breeds. Find a brush that works best for your cat's coat. This will also keep the shedding to a minimum and reduce the pet hair in your house. Brushing your cat will likely be a very enjoyable time for your cat and can be combined with petting, which will help grow your relationship with your kitty.

3. Feeding time and treats. Make feeding time special for your new cat. Be sure to be consistent and have a set schedule for feedings. Cats like consistency and try to avoid change. It won't take long before your cat knows the feeding schedule and anticipates his/her owner giving him/her food. Your cat will probably remind you of feeding time before you even have a chance to do it on your own. Take this time to pet and talk to your cat while feeding him/her. This will make your kitty feel special. Do this while giving treats as well. Announce treat time as a rewarding time of the day. Before too long, treat time will be one of your cat's favorite times of the day!

4. Play time. Even though cats sleep most of the day, they do require exercise to maintain a healthy weight and healthy behavior. Once you find out your cat's favorite toys, take time out once a day to have play time with your kitty. Hint: you have plenty of around-the-house items that your cat will love to play with. Such as, rubber bands, boxes, plastic bags, string, etc. Play time with your cat will strengthen your bond with your cat even more while exerting your cat's excess energy.

You'd be surprised how social a cat can be, so it is important that you give him/her the attention he/she needs. Do this and watch how your cat's personality changes. These four tips will create a stronger bond between you and your cat that will continue for many years to come!

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