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Design Your Cat Bed

If one owns a cat as pet, they could notice that cats love to sleep on beds. They usually crawl over the owner's bed and search in for soft warmth place to sleep. Moreover, they spend most of the time sleeping on bed. This would not only give pleasure to your most beloved pet but also leave behind their hairs. This causes damage to your health. There are a lot of viruses that spreads from their hairs. So one must be careful in dealing with the cat's sleeping locations.

The best remedy that one could afford is get the cat its own bed or sleeping mat so that it would easier to clean them and also keeps them away. This would become essential when there are kids and elderly people. They get attacked easily with these cat hairs. Children mostly crawl on floors and elderly people lay in a position with no activity. Hence, one must be careful to keep them away from pet hairs. The most interesting thing about cat bed is that one can get the most beautiful cat bed design from shops or make a one of their own. We will see both here.

Getting a good Designed Cat Bed Designed:

  1. When you get a ready made bed from the shop, be sure to get a warmth bed. Sometimes this bed would be filled with gel or water ad electrified to give warmness. Avoid such type of beds as this may someday lead to accidents that may harm your pet.
  2. Be sure that the bed is non-toxic. Cats may chew the bed or play in them that may cause illness to them. Hence, always go green with cat products.
  3. Let the material be puncture proof and be sure that they last for long. Cats are pets that love to play all day and hence they may tear up the bed. Be sure that they are resistant to their paws.
  4. Let them not be too puffy and difficult to maintain and clean. Let them be plain, simple and easier to clean.
  5. Consider the size of your cat and then get a bed that suits most. Let it be a little bigger for the cat to stretch. Remember cat stretches itself often in sleep.

Make Your Own Designed Cat Bed:

  1. Make use of old sweaters and old pillows to design your cat bed. Take them and place them in shape. Let them be a little decorative to suit your interior design. Fill the sweater or your old pillow with soft sponges or old clothes. Neatly patch them up in the form of nest.
  2. If sweaters are used the hands can be used to form the border of the circular bed. Stuff them with wool, place them around the bed, and stitch the ends. Now they stand firm in their position surrounding the bed to keep the cat from rolling out of bed.
  3. One can also use baskets to place his small bed over them so that it could give a good base for the cat to lie in just like a cradle. It can also add beauty to your home.
  4. Place the basket near the window where sun rays fall or where the room is warm. Cats love warmness when they sleep.
  5. If you do not want to afford for a basket go in for a simple rounded or squared cardboard. Line the cardboard with foam or sponges to half its depth. Do not fail to line the cardboard edge with sponge or good cloth, which can cushion when the cat places its legs on them.

One must understand that cat beds are not just expensive items that could be bought only from shops; one can also make the most attractive and affordable cat bed at home.
One could design them effectively to give the best comfort to your pet and give best look to your home.

Cats are very lovable creatures but they also bring about a number of diseases to their owners.

Are you one of those people who are fond of letting your cat sleeping in your bed?

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