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5 Around-The-House Toys Your Cat Will Love

We all know that cats can be more finicky than dogs and it is sometimes difficult to find out which toys your kitty likes the best, which may end up costing you time and money for nothing. Like children, cats usually end up being more interested in the packaging of its toy rather than the toy itself. That is why I have compiled a list of around-the-house toys your cat will love just as much as those store-bought toys.

1. Bread Tie

I figured out after many torn up loaves of bread that my cat loves bread ties. After my family finishes a loaf of bread, I make sure to save the bread tie for our cat. Cats love to toss it around the floor and throw it up in the air. It's light and flexible, which makes the perfect cat toy! Who knew such a simple item would go over so well with your cat.

2. Milk Jug Ring

This is another simple item that is favored by cats. After you finish your jug of milk, remove the ring and toss it on the floor for your cat to play with. They enjoy sliding it around on tile or any other hard floor surface. Again, it's light and easy to play with. The ring moves fast, which makes this game exciting for your cat.

3. Plastic Bag

Cats love the sound of plastic bags! Place a plastic bag on the floor and show your cat how it moves and makes noise and he will be attacking it in no time. You might even put another toy inside the bag to make the game even that more fun. Just be sure to watch your cat while he plays with bags because they can be a suffocation hazard.

4. Box

Cats love to explore, which is why giving them a large empty box will delight their curiosity. Not only does the box offer a place to lounge, it combines well with the toys listed above. Toss a bread tie or a milk jug ring in a box and your cat will play for hours. Another idea is to cut holes in the box for your cat to peek through. The box provides as a safe haven and a great clubhouse to play in.

5. Laser Pointer

I consider this an around-the-house item because a laser pointer is more associated with giving presentations rather than playing with your pets; however, you may actually buy this item at a pet store. Cats and dogs both go crazy over this item. It will definitely tire out your cat in a hurry. It's a good toy to use as an exercise device. If your cat is starting to get overweight or too lazy, using a laser pointer during play time should give your cat plenty of calorie-burning exercise to help maintain a healthy weight. Because the pointer cannot actually be caught by your cat, I choose to give my cat a treat after playing with his laser pointer.

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