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Tips to Having an Outdoor Cat

When it comes to deciding what type of cat you want to adopt there are a few things that you first have to think about. You want to make sure that you are getting a breed that will behave around children if you have any or that can be left alone all day if you have to work. One of the biggest questions people ask themselves is whether or not they should let their cats be indoor or outdoor cats.

Many people will make arguments on this subject and the majority of them will tell you to keep them indoors. This is fine for some cats - but what about the ones that love to be outside? I owned a cat that did all it could to get outside. We were afraid something would happen to her so we never let her - but she did end up by escaping every chance she got. It was really sad to see and I wonder even now whether or not we should have let her have her way.

If you have a cat like this or if you want your cat to live outside then there are a few precautions and things that you should do. You need to make sure that you keep them as safe as you can even though you can't keep your eyes on them all the time.

The most important thing you should do (for both indoor and outdoor cats) is to spay or neuter them. When your male cat is not neutered they will fight often and will be at risk for open wounds that can cause serious infections. When you male cat is neutered they will usually stay close to home and will not have the desire to fight as much as usual. And of course when they aren't fixed they have a tendency of knocking up other people's cats and those owners don't appreciate it.

When you don't spay your female cat she will be at risk of getting pregnant and then you will have many kittens on your hand. Plus they will be in heat and when this happens they become irritable. You don't want an irritable cat on your hands!

Outdoor cats need to get vaccinated to prevent them from getting any infectious diseases. It will also help them if they get into fights with other cats or animals. Infections can be caused from these wounds. They also need to be wormed on a regular basis because they will go hunting often.

Your cat will explore and have a tendency to wander off every now and then. Sometimes they will lose the scent and will get lost. That is why you always need to keep a collar on them with your name and phone number. That way if your cat is found by someone else and if they are injured or just lost they can be brought back to you. Make sure that the collar you give them has a safety catch or is elasticized. This helps them to get free it they get caught on something.

Some owners place a tiny microchip under the cat's skin. This microchip has an identification number specific to your outdoor cat. The majority of cat rescue centers will scan for this microchip and match it to the address that they have on file.

You will find that your Outside Cat will be very healthy in the fact that they will constantly be getting exercise. For tips on how to keep them from getting into fights and other helpful tips visit Cat Health.

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