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Cat Travel Cages - Comfort and Peace of Mind For You and Your Pet

Cat travel cages are a necessity when traveling with cats. If you have ever tried just picking up Fluffy and putting her in the back seat of your car for a road trip, you will know why. Cats are notorious for hating change, and are not the most calm of car companions. Unless your cat is one of the few really mellow travelers who takes everything in stride (there ARE a few cats like this), then having a carrier or travel cage for her is going to make the trip a lot safer and smoother for you both. After all, you do not want to have to try to drive while simultaneously keeping your cats claws out of your head!

Most cat travel cages are similar in size and appearance. They are low and long, to easily accommodate a cat in a reclining position. Unlike dog crates, cat carriers do not need to provide room for the cat to stand or turn around. In fact, for most cats, it is far safer for them if their movements are restricted while they travel. Otherwise, they will be running around inside the carrier while the car or plane is moving, and could be seriously injured if there is a sudden stop or a lot of turbulence. It is in your cats best interest to lay down while on the road.

You can choose from a variety of designs and colors in your cat travel cages. In fact, there are even designer options available. You can also select carriers made out of metal, plastic, wood, or just about any other material, and some are even upholstered inside for added comfort! Unless your cats carrier is very large, there will not be room for a food or water dish inside. However, you can keep her fed by putting small amounts of dry food on the floor of the carrier, in the back. You can keep her hydrated by bringing along travel water bottles with nozzles made just for cats that you can stick through the small openings in the carriers front grille, to allow her to get a drink. With a little planning, travel with your cat can be safe and pleasant for both of you!

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