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How to Take Your Adopted Shelter Cat Home

Animals make lots of people happy. They give love, comfort, companionship, and company to their owners. Anyone who has any kind of pet knows how important they are to the family. You should spend time deciding on the right pet for you and your family, and when you decide to adopt a cat or kitten, remember that how you bring it home is just as important as the food and litter you choose to take care of it.

Adopted cats and kittens often need extra care. Because many of them were abandoned or abused (and sometimes both), they're afraid of anything outside their kennels, and anyone outside the shelter workers they know and trust. So when you bring home an adopted cat or kitten, special care has to be taken to make sure they're made comfortable and eased into a new environment. Before you bring your cat or kitten home, make sure you've already set up the litter pan and food and water dishes. That way, when your little one is brought into your home, it can find its food and litter right away, instead of waiting until you've set it up.

It's also a good idea to have a few toys out and available for the cat or kitten before it's brought home. This will give the pet options for play right away, discouraging it from getting into something that may cause trouble, such as electric cords. When you bring home the cat or kitten, let it explore your home. Don't force it to play with you or sit on your lap. Though you're familiar with your home, your new pet isn't, and it needs to check things out and make sure it's safe before it feels comfortable enough to play.

Some cats or kittens may hide under the furniture for a while, and that's okay. Just be patient, and your new kitty will get used to you and your home, and will soon come out for attention. It's important to keep in mind your pet's background, if you know it. If your cat or kitten was abused, it may be afraid of people, so you need to be extra gentle when handling it, and use a soft voice when speaking to it, so as not to startle your cat or kitten. Try not to make any sudden movements, and let your pet adjust to you in its own time. If you don't know the background of your cat or kitten, you should err on the side of caution.

Every cat is different, so you shouldn't rush your pet into cuddling with you or playing with you. Let it adjust to being in a new place at its own pace, and before you know it, your pet will be following you around your home, begging for attention! Bringing home an adopted cat or kitten is an exciting experience, and as long as you know what to do to help make the transition smooth for you and your new pet, it can be a great memory!

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