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Preventing Feline Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS - Can it Be Done?

You may be wondering how cat sickness can effect us if we don't own a cat.

When we look at a common problem from a new angle we may see problems we hadn't noticed previously. Cats can and should have a standard regular diet. This will make it easier to find the foods and habits that irritate the bowels. This may help us examine our own foods and habits.

Of course we don't know exactly what causes the disease but we can determine what makes it worse for the feline or the individual. Since we have so much control over our cats environment we can evaluate and make changes to make feline irritable bowel syndrome better to live with.

One combination to be avoided is proteins, fats, and proteins combined for our cats as well as ourselves. This combination is very difficult for the digestive system to process. Canned cat foods seem to help with digestion for most cats.

The cat food we think is so good for our feline may be causing most of the problems. Those problem may include a strong odor and bowel movements that are uncontrollable due to abnormal contractions in the digestive system. These contractions also cause mucus and more toxins to be released in the intestines that cause inflammation.

Most cats have difficulty digesting dairy products. Some cat foods may contain some dairy so be aware that your cat may be receiving these ingredients in much greater quantities than you originally thought.

We also try to give our cats variety when we should be giving them consistency. When change flavors of cat foods to try to keep our cats interested in the food we create a problem for the stomach and intestines. To many of us our cats are part of our family. Which means we want to share our lives with them. This can lead to table food scraps for the feline that can create further digestive problems.

The right food and eating habits is also the most boring. Small amounts of the same food everyday at the same time in the same small amounts. No wonder none of us eat properly. We think we are not treating our pet well if we limit the amount and variety of their food.

Are you aware of how much stress is in our cats life? Our busy lives add stress to our feline friends lives. The changes may seem insignificant to you, but it looks very different to your cat when changes happen. If your cat starts having flare ups with irritated bowels replay the last few days. Have they been very busy or have changes been made to the house hold? If so they could be the cause of the anxiety in your cat.

Your cat has individual needs that only you can determine. So do your best. Does your life have unnecessary stress and complications? Can they be removed? At least try! No risk involved in that.

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