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How to Train Your Cat at Home

The process of training a cat is considered to be impossible by many people. But most of the cats are naturally trained in the home and that makes the training easier for the pet. Cats can naturally remain very clean and should be always kept in a clean environment.

When you own the kitten for the first time try to keep it confined in a small room. This gives you an opportunity look after them easily. The bed to sleep, dishes for food and water should be cleaned and placed in the room. A quite environment is need of the cat to overcome it fear and get accustomed to the surroundings. Initially you will have to clean the litter yourself. But gradually the kitten must be trained for using the litter pan. Let the cat to roam freely after a few days.

The cat can be kept inside the house itself if you can put some butter on its paws and allow it to walk around. This kitten will not be able go far with butter in the paws and can study the surroundings and not being able to run away from the home. Spend some time very day top take the cat for walk. Leash can be used when you are taking the cat for a walk. But some cat will find it difficult with a leash. If the cat can walk along with you allow it to do so, otherwise it will be better to give leash training to the cat.

The choice of the litter must be done carefully. You should not use litter that contains deodorants. During the initial period of litter training use some soiled litter mixed with fresh litter. This will act as a powerful stimulus for using the fresh litter. Always take care to clean the litter pan frequently.

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