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How to Go About Litter Training Cats

Does your adorable little friend embarrass you at time? You've got a houseful of guests for dinner. You're serving coffee now after a sumptuous meal. Your little friend has kept to himself. You hadn't seen him since the guests filed in. You smile at the thought. He's really become a well-behaved little creature. Or so you thought. As your guests were leaving for the night, helping them retrieve their coats from your hallway closet turned out to be an achingly embarrassing experience. One of your guests' expensive Armani trench coat had cat poop on it. And there, sitting right on it inside the half-opened walk-in closet door, is your cute, little, well-behaved feline companion. So much for one happy thought.

Before you go ballistic and throw you cat out from sheer frustration, think for a moment. Where's your cat's litter box located at? Or did you even get him one? Litter training cats is as important as training them to be obedient. If you care about their manners, you should care about their natural body processes as well.

There's one thing you have to understand about cats: Your little feline friend is a very shy toiletter. If you put his litter box in a place where people often go to, he'd likely look for a secluded, private spot to relieve himself. Understanding that helps you in litter training cats. Consideration for this peculiar, human-like behavior is important for a well-behaved cat. Paula Robb's Complete Cat Training shows you how to do that effectively and gives you suggestions and tips as to where to best put your cat's litter box.

Litter training cats is not an impossible feat. Understanding your cat's behavior and learning to communicate effectively is the key. So, take the time to train your own pet. Don't forget to enjoy the experience and bond with him.

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