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Cat Collars - They Are a Necessity

When most people think of pet collars they only think of dog collars. After all, there are dog parks, dog walks and even dog beaches that require this type of fitting for a canine member of the family. But what about your cat? Have you ever considered cat collars?

There are a number of reasons that you should consider one for your feline friend.


The first reason you should make sure your cat has cat collars is that if you have an outdoor cat and it gets lost, picked up by animal control or injured, your contact information will help the authorities find you so you can be reunited with your pet. This also lets the authorities know your pet is up to date on its medical coverage.


If your cat is a dasher and likes to take runs out the back door from time to time, this pet item can help you corral your pet and get it back into the house. Just like the dog ones, they are a great place to reach down and grab to stop your cat in its tracks.


Believe it or not there are a lot of cats that like to go for a walk. Just like dogs enjoy a good stroll, many cats do as well. If your cat is one of these, make sure they are legal. You should always use cat collars. Just as dogs must be on a leash, your cat needs to be as well.

Choosing Cat Collars

Once you know you need cat collars for your pet, you need to decide which type you want to purchase.

There are some concerns that you need to keep in mind with them that you don't need to worry about as much with dogs.


Most cats are climbers and adventurers. They will make their way through trees, onto rooftops, and anything else they can get into as they are on the prowl. All of their adventuring is also a threat for more ways to get stuck or possibly choke while wearing this pet item. Imagine if your cat is jumping from tree branch to branch and their collar becomes caught on a branch. This could be a very sad ending for your kitty unless you have thought of this in advance. Some cat collars actually breakaway. Meaning if the full weight of your cat is pulling on it, it will break away so your cat will be able to get free instead of choking.


If you are just starting to train your cat to like cat collars, you may want to start with a harness. These offer less pulling on your cat's neck and get them used to being walked at the same time.

Formal Cat Collars

If you have an indoor cat, you may decide the only reason for one is decoration. No problem. There are all sorts of great decorative options out there from leather ones that will make your cat look rough and tough to pink and purple rhinestones for the more feminine kitty.

Author Jennifer Akre is the proprietor of a variety of niche online stores that offer products and information relating to furnishing and decorating indoor and outdoor living areas. Plus, products to make your new furry companion feel right at home in your house. Today, she shares her insight when investing in luxurious cat furniture and all those necessary pet supplies. Each would be a great purchase.

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