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Training Kittens For a Well-Behaved Feline Friend

You just adopted a stray little kitten. You had not intended to. It looked so pitifully cute when you found it at your door one morning so you fed it. It came the next morning so you fed again and three mornings thereafter. When no one came knocking at your door demanding its return, you decided it could stay with you.

Kittens are cute and adorable but left on their own, they can grow to be nasty, annoying creatures who can aggressively pounce on their masters, scratch and claw at expensive furniture, pee and poop all over your house and a host of other behavioral problems. Training kittens as early as possible saves you a lot of headaches and frustration. You don't need to hire a professional cat trainer to do that for you. You can actually train your little kitten yourself. You don't even have to be an expert at it. Complete Cat training by Paula Robb is a comprehensive, illustrated cat training book that teaches you how to train your cat in a logical, step-by-step manner.

Training kittens is actually a rewarding experience you can share with your pet. It helps you bond with your feline friend. It helps him understand you better so he becomes more responsive and respective of your wishes. The shared experience builds a strong pet-master connection that saves you the headaches and frustration of common cat behavior problems. What's true of humans is true of animals as well. Training kittens as early as possible makes for a well-behaved, better adjusted and more loving adult cat.

Don't wait for frustrating cat behavior problems to surface. Be proactive, not reactive. Take the time to understand your kitten's temperament and learn to communicate with him effectively. There's no better time to do it but now.

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