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Cat Grooming - How the Experts Find a Professional Pet Groomer and Cure Cat Bad Breath

Some owners may find it challenging to safely and properly groom an older pet. When your cat needs grooming in her senior years, great patience and skill are necessary to ensure that she is comfortable and secure.

For this reason, many owners may prefer to pay a professional pet groomer to tend to their aging cat's grooming needs. One way to find a reputable groomer is to ask friends, relatives and coworkers who own cats to recommend someone.

If possible, find a cat only groomer. He will have lots of experience dealing with cats, and your feline will not be frightened or distracted by the scents and sounds of dogs or other animals in the establishment.

Choose a groomer who is friendly, patient, and who takes the time to explain her service to you. Make sure that he has experience dealing with older animals. Ask to tour the facility and make sure it is clean, and see if the groomer will let you watch her groom someone else's cat to see how he interacts with and handles the animal.

Get references from all groomers you visit and check them. When you find a groomer you would like to use, bring your cat in for a first time visit. Sit with her while the groomer is working, and watch how the process is done.

Talk to your senior in a soothing voice if she becomes scared or nervous. If your cat becomes very upset, you may want to consider trying to groom her at home yourself or perhaps your vet can refer you to an at home grooming service.

Your cat should not have chronically bad breath. If she does, here are some possible causes:

- Diet: Some foods, especially soft foods, leave particles on the teeth and gums and attract bacteria that cause bad breath. A change of food may help. If it does not, talk to your vet.

- Gum disease: Red, puffy gums in an adult cat indicate disease or infection. See your vet.

- Abscesses: Your cat may hide the pain, but an infected or abscessed tooth requires veterinary attention to prevent serious complications.

- Illness: Problems farther down the digestive tract may cause bad breath. See your vet.

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