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How to Potty Train Your Cat in 4 Easy Steps

I know it sounds crazy, but it can be done! We all know that it is very easy to train a cat to use a litter box, but some of us hate having to clean those smelly litter boxes every few days. There is another alternative for your cat that will not stink up your house and is fairly easy to teach.

Here is how you do it:

Step One: Make sure your cat is fully trained on using its litter box. The litter box should be in a spot in your house or apartment where the cat knows exactly where it is. Figuratively speaking, your cat should be able to find its litter box with its eyes closed. If you have recently moved or relocated the litter box, give the cat plenty of time to get comfortable with its location before attempting to try this method.

Step Two: Begin the move the litter box closer and closer to your bathroom. Do this very slowly. Do not move the box more than once a day, and move the box slightly. Because cats are not susceptible to change you should be patient with your cat.

Step Three: Once the box is right next to the toilet and your cat is successfully using the litter box in its new location, attempt to put the box on top of the toilet seat. If your cat does not like this, put it back next to the toilet and try again another day. Also, during the moving of the litter box up to this point, use less and less litter in the box. This will help your cat get used to the smooth feeling of the toilet bowl rather than the grainy texture of cat litter.

Step Four: After the cat is successfully using the litter box on top of the toilet, attempt removing the box all together. If your cat gets confused, put the box back and try again another time. Be extremely patient with your cat and this method will work for you both.

This slow process should actually train your cat to use the toilet as its litter box and make both your lives easier; however, you must take the time and effort to work with your cat.

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