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10 Ways to Look After Your Cat

Cats are very independent creatures, but as their owner they still rely on you to provide them with food, water and a safe place to stay.

1 - Fit your cat with a collar and attached to it details relating to you including your telephone number. This way if your cat does happen to get out and goes missing then the chances of them being returned to you will be greatly improved.

2 - Today you will also find that it is a legal requirement that your cat is actually micro chipped. This is something that your vet needs to do and normally they will inject the small device between the animal's shoulder blades. As well as you having a copy of the identification information this is then entered into a database and so if animal is lost a quick swipe of the animal will tell if it is the one.

3 - Although many cats like to be able to go outside if you live in a built up area it is best if you keep them confined to your home. Ideally look at providing them with plenty of things such as a scratching post so that they don't get bored and start to damage your furniture instead. Plus it is a good idea when you go out to restrict them to one room only in the house (i.e., the kitchen) and make sure that they have everything that they need.

4 - It is important with any pet including cats that they go to the vet regularly not just for checkups but for boosters of their vaccinations. If you are unsure which vet to use, ask a friend, neighbour or a family member if they can recommend someone.

5 - You may not like it but having your cat spayed or neutered is extremely important especially if they are allowed to roam outside. Not only will your cat be a lot healthier but this will help to prevent you ending up with more cats than you wanted.

6 - You need to ensure that you provide your cat with a well balanced nutritional diet and make sure that they have a good continuous supply of fresh water. If you are unsure just what you should be feeding your cat then speak to your vet and they may recommend something for them. Certainly it is best for young cats (kittens) and older cats that they are give food specifically designed for them. A quick search online and you will see there are plenty of products now available suitable for all types of cats no matter their ages.

7 - As mentioned you need to prevent your cats from doing things that you find undesirable. Although you may not believe it but just like dogs a cat can be taught to do things. However, it will take quite a lot of time and effort on your part and certainly you will need lots of patience with your animal if you want to stop such problems from arising such as them jumping up on to kitchen counters or tables.

8 - If you want your cats coat to remain looking good then you need to be regularly grooming them, especially if the cat has long hair. Grooming long haired cats regularly will help to prevent their coats from becoming matted, plus it also helps to remove loose hairs as well. Although short haired coats don't need so much grooming as long haired breeds by brushing them regularly you are stopping them from ingesting the loose hairs when they groom themselves. If they ingest too much hair it can form into hairballs which if they cannot expel can lead to other health issues for your cat.

9 - You may not believe it but it is a good idea to actually spend some time playing with your cat especially if they are kept in the house all the time. It not only helps to stimulate them physically but mentally as well, plus the bond between the two of you will be strengthened.

10 - Finally whenever you spend time with them carry out your own checks. This way if you spot any abnormalities in your pet you can take them immediately to the check to have the problem looked at further. When doing your own checks start at the head and work your way down the body. Check the ears make sure that they are clean and they are not producing any unpleasant odours. Next look at their eyes are these clear and bright and focus on you and check to see if there is any discharge. Then you come to the teeth this may be difficult initially but once you are able to make sure the gums are pink and there hasn't been any build up of tartar on them. Plus you may not want to but see if their breath smells bad. The final thing to do is check their nose for any kind of discharge and when touched it should feel warm and dry.

Above we have shown you 10 ways to care for your cat as long as you keep these in mind then you will find that you will have a healthy and happy animal.

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