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Cat Grooming For Senior Cats - This is the Way the Experts Easily Perform Brushing on Their Cats

Brushing stimulates the sebaceous (oil) glands in your cat's skin and distributes the oils to lubricate the skin and coat. If your cat has long hair, brushing is essential to remove tangles and prevent mats from forming. Brushing also will remove a lot of hair that would otherwise fall on your floors, furniture, and clothes, or turn into hairballs in your cat's stomach.

Keep in mind that old skin is delicate. Do not pull too hard on your cat's hair or press too hard against her skin with the brush or comb. Brushing a dry coat can break hair and create static electricity, so it is best to add some moisture.

If your cat will let you, very lightly spritz her fur with water from a spray bottle before brushing. Most cats object to such rude behavior, though. If yours does, spray her brush lightly instead. Begin brushing at the front of your cat's body.

Pick up small sections of hair at skin level and brush them forward, toward your cat's head. Work your way back on one side, brushing small sections forward until you reach the tail. Then brush the sections of hair back in the right direction, beginning at the rear and working forward to the head.

Then brush the other side. Do the same with the tail, starting at the base and moving to the tip. Brush your cat's chest beginning high on the neck and brushing small sections upward, then smoothing them back in the right direction, working from the bottom up. When your cat is comfortable being brushed, do her belly the same way.

If your cat has long fur, it is important to remove any mats that form because matted fur holds moisture and skin oil, which can cause skin inflammation and harbor parasites. Unfortunately, mats can be difficult to remove without injuring the skin.

If you are hesitant about removing them, take your cat to a good groomer who is experienced handling cats. Once the mats have been removed, prevent new ones with regular brushing.

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