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An Owner's Guide to Cat Acne

Cat acne occurs when blackheads form on the chin. Some cats only suffer from this condition once their whole lives. In others, it will come and go periodically. The rest of affected cats have permanent acne that doesn't go away. So, what exactly causes this condition?


No one knows exactly why acne occurs in cats. However, there are certain factors that influence its develop. Medical conditions such as dermatitis, suppressed immune system, and food allergies play a role. Cats who have poor grooming habits are also more likely to suffer from this condition.

Felines who eat and drink from a plastic bowl have an increased risk. This is due to the fact that plastic is porous and traps bacteria, which gets on your cat's chin as he eats or drinks. Other cats produce an excessive amount of oil which prevents their hair follicles from functioning correctly.


In most cases, symptoms of cat acne are mild. Your cat's lips and chin will develop blackheads. Sometimes they turn into abscesses which come open and form crusts. His chin will be very itchy which will prompt him to constantly scratch and it and cause more damage. With severe cases, your cat may have a swollen chin and lose his hair.


Your veterinarian may choose not to treat a mild case of cat acne. If the condition is more severe, there are various methods of treatment. You can apply an antibiotic to your cat's face to help get rid of the acne. Another method involves using a special shampoo to remove excess oils which will help prevent blackheads from forming. Some cats also suffer from severe inflammation which will need to be treated with corticosteroids.

Acne causes no major harm to your cat. However, there are many other conditions and diseases that are more serious such as feline leukemia virus. As an owner, you should know as much as possible about various diseases so you can seek treatment as soon as possible. So, stop by today to learn about a wide range of common cat diseases.

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