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Cat Grooming - How the Experts Perform Wet Baths to Their Kitten and Cat - Part 2

The jelly will bother her to the extent that she will keep trying to wipe it off and so interfere with your being able to bathe her. She will probably spread it through her coat as well. Place a rubber mat or towel in the bottom of the sink.

Fill it with lukewarm water that comes up to her shoulders. Place her in the water facing away from you. Never let her face you as she can stretch her legs out much farther than you expect and claw into your clothing or arms.

If you place all four of her feet into the water at once, she will generally settle down. Then put one hand across her shoulders, very gently (she will struggle mightily if the pressure is too great), and use the other hand to wet her down and apply the shampoo.

Avoid grasping the back of her neck. Although this will calm down a kitten as she is accustomed to her mother subduing her in that fashion, the adult cat will only struggle more.

Move slowly and talk softly. It is not necessary to apply shampoo directly onto her face as you can more safely wash her ears and face with the cloth dipped into the bath water at another time.

After you have lathered her, rinse the shampoo off with either glassful of water or a rubber spray hose. Be sure to rinse all of the shampoo out of her coat as even a small amount left will cause her to froth at the mouth when she starts licking herself after the bath.

If a conditioner is used, make sure to thoroughly rinse it off in the same manner. Then gather her up in the towel, wrap it around her securely, and carry her to a draft free room. She may tremble from fear or anxiety, so sit down with her and let the towel absorb the excess moisture while you speak reassuringly to her.

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