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Kitty Deserves Good Cat Furniture

If you like cats you know what incredibly wonderful creatures they are and how much joy they bring into our lives. I've had cats for over 40 years and cannot imagine life without feline companions. I have three right now, each with a totally different personality and different likes and dislikes. Watching them play and interact is tons of fun, even though they drag their toys all over the house and occasionally make a big mess. Between the cat furniture and all their playthings, it sometimes seems like the cats own the place (which they undoubtedly think they do).

I consider myself lucky because my cats are all "good" cats. They get along most of the time and they are not big scratchers. I've seen homes shredded to pieces and ribbons, and consider myself lucky in that regard. They do scratch some (they're cats, after all) but mostly my old area rugs that seem immune to scratching, and their cat furniture. The latter can really make a difference, as my cats love their cat trees and cat condos. Two of them sleep in them most nights, and all three seem to love being able to climb up and down without being yelled at (as happens when they try to climb the curtains).

Whoever thought up cat trees and cat condos must have been a genius as they can really make a difference in how cats behave. Over the years I've been using Armarkat, Molly and Friends, and Savvy Tabby trees because they have so many models to choose from, and they seem to last forever (sometimes I wonder why a kitty condo can take such abuse whereas a sofa looks mauled after a little kitten gets through with it). Another thing I like about Armarkat and Molly and Friends models is that their cat furniture comes in so many different materials and colors. The same goes for Pussicat cat furniture (recommended by my adept climbers!) As much as I love cats, I don't want for my house to look like a zoo, and being able to pick cat furniture that fits into my décor is a big plus.

Other than making sure it nicely fits into my home, what else do I look out for in cat furniture? Premium quality is one thing. A time or two I tried to cut corners and bought some cheap stuff that promptly fell apart. Not good. I learned my lesson and have been buying quality stuff ever since. The price difference isn't large and I'd rather pay a bit more for quality that lasts. Good design is another. The cats and I differ in what we consider exemplary design, but all of us agree that cat furniture must be designed so it doesn't topple over. That isn't much of a problem with my two 7/8-scale micro-cats Buddy and Holly, but Stitch, my big Blue Russian, weighs 22 pounds and packs quite a bit of momentum when he jumps up there!

Whatever you pick, rest assured that cats love to have their own furniture that is designed to fit the needs of cats. Cats love to snuggle and jump and climb and scratch, and they feel safe when they can hide in their own cubby high above the ground. Cat furniture should be just as much part of a cat's home as cat toys and treats. Cats bring so much joy to our lives that it's only fair to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

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