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What to Get Your Cat For the Holidays

The Holidays are fast approaching and just as the pitter patter of young hearts jumps with expectation and delight, the shopping list grows for all our loved ones. For those with beloved felines at home, we have taken a few moments to go over some basic ideas for gifts for your cat.

Just like toy trains, race tracks, and stuffed animals for children, never underestimate the classics when it comes to picking out gifts for your purrrrfect companion. If you have never had one, or haven't bought one in a long time, consider a scratching post. If you have several cats, one of the multi-tiered scratching posts is another great idea. If that's not in the budget, you can also give the old one a good rug shampooing and be sure to sprinkle with some cat nip for true delight.

The common squeaky toy or jingly ball are two more great toys to surprise your cat with over the holidays. Anyone who has had them in the past can vouch that they don't necessarily stand up to the test of time, but that is why they are also usually sold in multi-packs and for a low price. If you care to step it up a notch, there are a handful of items out there designed to make your life easier and give your feline friend a high tech boost. Consider a self-cleaning cat litter box.

There are battery operated mice you can buy for your cat for the holidays. Since it is the holidays, though, why not help you cat get into the spirit. There are holiday inspired and styled hats and stockings you can buy for the cat-sure to look great for family photos or just for fun. No holiday would be complete with all those great treats, though. Don't leave your cat out of the fun, but don't put them in harm's way either, by giving them unhealthy people food. Splurge a little and buy your cat some extra treats for the holidays. From hard and soft pieces, if you're not sure what to get your cat, look online or visit a local pet store. Your cat's veterinarian may also have some good suggestions on what treats or toys are best for you cat this holiday season, based on the cat's age, normal diet, and any special health considerations.

The holidays are meant to be shared among loved ones, and that includes the four-legged members of our families. If at all possible, take them with you on your visits or have someone who will take care of your pet while you are gone for the holidays.

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