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Cat Exercise - What Are the Exercise Requirements Needed For Your Cat?

Cats especially kittens, will generally get all the exercise they need through their everyday activities. However, all cats will enjoy the extra exercise they have when you play with them.

Your new kitten will eat, sleep and, on walking, run about the house like one possessed. She will make her tail bushy and even leap up on the walls, and this behavior will continue from when she is about six weeks old until she settles down as an adult, although she may still act like a kitten well into adulthood.

While she is still a kitten, she will want to play every waking moment. Do not overdo the playtime though, as you can cause her to feel stressed and overtired. Your kitten will attack her siblings with tooth and claw and you will wonder how any of them manage to survive kitten hood.

Her mother will tolerate the tail biting and ear chewing, but will let the kitten know when enough is enough by seizing her baby's neck between her teeth and settling down. When you acquire her as a single kitten, she will use you as her siblings.

Gentle rough housing is fine, but do not overdo it. Treat her as you would a baby or toddler. Do not swing her up in the air as you might a baby though; keep her at lap level or below.

Unlike dogs, your cat will not need to be taken for walks. She will have all the exercise she needs in her everyday activities, but, as with a Burmese, her favorite form of exercise is always the one in which you are involved.

If you do not have time to play with your cat, a paper bag left on the floor is sure to give her enjoyment as she hides deep inside and then pounces on you as you pass by. With a lot of time and patience on your part, the day may come when your cat will trot along quite nicely on a leash and get plenty of exercise.

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